Prestige Ultraclean 3 Dental Washer Disinfector
Proven reliability and performance have made the UltraClean a popular choice for dental practices neeing to upgrade to meet the best practice standards as defined by the HTM 01-05 guidelines.
Now the new Ultraclean 3 range brings the same high quality with the additional advantages of faster cycle times, a glass viewing panel and interior chamber illumination.

Prestige Ultraclean Benchtop

  • Meets ‘best practice’ standards as defined by HTM 01-05.
  • Fully automated process for the highest standards of instrument cleaning
  • Choice of 3 cycles* – all with guaranteed performance for cost effective cleaning efficiency
  • Glass viewing panel and illuminated chamber
  • Bench top and under bench models available for maximum flexibility in siting
  • Approved by all UK NHS Framework authorities
  • Choice of printer or data logger
  • 1 year warranty
  • W560 x H555 x D575

    MRRP £4510.00 our price £3995.00 + vat + £120.00 delivery and commissioning

  • Prestige Ultraclean Under Bench

  • Incorporates a new, 35 minute 'Quick Cycle' for faster processing of instruments
  • Viewing window and illuminated chamber enables the operator to make a simple check to ensure the machine is operating correctly
  • Fully compliant to EN 15883 and HTM2030 - the recommended best practice standard - to give you peace of mind LI>Seamless hands free process from the dentist through to sterilization in the autoclave, eleminating sharps injuries and instrument damage
  • High load capacity despite its compact size.
  • Forced hot air drying removes all moisture on the instruments makung them sterilization ready for the autoclave
  • Self-dosing detergent delivers consistent results - reduces waste and costs less per cycle
  • Unique air gap prevents backflow pollution to ensure the safe disposal of contaminated fluids required by BS EN1717:2001
  • Can be supplied with optional data logger or printer for easy recordable data capture - essential for compliance
  • W560 x H800 x D575

    MRRP £5100.00 our price £4399.00 + vat + £120.00 delivery and commissioning

  • Great prices on washer clip trays

  • Green or blue
  • Large for 10 instruments 18.5 x 14 x 1.5cm £29.00 + vat
  • Small for 5 instruments 18 x 8.5 x 1.5cm £21.50 + vat
  • BUY 3 GET 1 FREE

  • All carry a 12 month warranty period
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