Ultrasonic Cleaning Baths and Tanks

Bonart Scooba

  • 4.8L capacity
  • Heater range 10-60C
  • Timer range 1-99 mins
  • Includes basket and lid
  • Price 495.00

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  • U95

  • 1.95L capacity
  • Internal 200x150x75mm deep
  • Basket 180x135x45mm deep
  • Timer 1-15 mins
  • Price see below

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  • The Ultrawave U95 ultrasonic cleaning bath is ideal for cleaning small items in a wide range of applications such as jewellery, tattooist and also for cleaning collections and artefacts at home. An unheated ultrasonic bath with an analogue timer control, the U95 has a 1.95L capacity tank. Simply fill the tank with water, turn the dial to the required minutes and hit the Sonics button. The U95 is supplied complete with a stainless steel basket and an ABS plastic lid. The lid has been designed to be used as a drip tray to collect excess water when the basket is removed. For the best results, use an Ultrawave cleaning detergent specially formulated for ultrasonic cleaning.


  • 2.5L capacity
  • Internal 240x140x100 deep
  • Basket 220x125x40mm deep
  • Price see below

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  • Unheated U300 (left) and heated U300H (right) ultrasonic baths with an analogue timer control, and 2.5L capacity tank. Simply fill the tank with water, turn the dial to the required minutes and hit the Sonics button.

    Hygea 2 Benchtop Ultrasonic Cleaner

    The Hygea 2 is the most advanced HTM01-05 compliant benchtop ultrasonic cleaner available. Designed specifically for use in the dental instrument decontamination process, the Hygea 2 is also commonly used in the podiatry and general practice sectors. Unlike standard ultrasonic baths, the Hygea 2 incorporates technology which ensures a robust, repeatable and traceable process. Cycle traceability and validation is provided either in hard copy via the integral printer or electronically through a combination of the in-built memory card port and Ultrawave's Datalogger software. The electro-magnetic locking lid means that instruments cannot be removed from the bath without aborting the cycle. The Hygea 2 is also controlled by a number of fault modes which ensure consistent, efficient and effective cleaning results are delivered, cycle after cycle. The Hygea 2's unique three tier basket system allows up to 45 instruments to be cleaned in one rapid cycle. Independent testing has shown that even the most heavily contaminated instruments are clean and free of protein after a 10 minute cycle. Approved on the NHS Supply Chain contract and the NP143 Scottish National Procurement contract, the HTM01-05 compliant Hygea 2 is used in many of the most forward thinking dental practices throughout the UK.

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