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The New Neo Dental Chair Manufactured by Fimet in Finland available from BDSI

The Fimet philosophy is simple - to design and build high quality dental equipment according to customer
needs and desires at reasonable cost.
Established in 1981 Fimet is now a global manufacturer and has developed an international reputation
operating in over 50 countries from the main factory in Finland.

Economical robust chairs with a 150kg lifting capacity,
driven by two quiet DC motors with a non oil worm gear mechanism


    Elegant and compact design
    Seamless upholstery makes cleaning and disinfection easier and ensures good hygiene
    Large height adjustment (45 to 95cm) is designed to ensure a comfortable working position whilst standing or seated
    The thin headrest and backrest ensures that the dentist can access the treatment area in an ergonomic and efficient way
    Avilable in 30 colours of F1 range, 8 colours of Fusion Ultrafabrics range and 5 colours of synthetic leather PVC

    RRP 6339.00our price 5388.00 + vat delivered and fitted

To place an order call 01226 380400 fax 01226 387878
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