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BDSI Fimet Mondo Dental Units manufactured in Finland available from BDSI

The Fimet philosophy is simple - to design and build high quality dental equipment according to customer needs
and desires at reasonable cost. Established in 1981 Fimet is now a global manufacturer and has developed an international
reputation operating in over 50 countries from the main factory in Finland.


Hanging Hoses

Continental Whip Arms

Removable porcelain bowl

Cuspidor access door

Polaris LED light

Various Tray Options



  • - Chair mounted unit with an instrument bridge with hanging tubes or whip arms
  • - Three instrument modules (Forest 3 in 1 syringe being one of the outlets)
  • - Air tubing
  • - Tray holder for single or double tray
  • - Chair control buttons in the instrument bridge
  • - PC-board for electric motor, including fiber light source
  • - F1 cuspidor unit
  • - Clean water bottle
  • - F1 advanced extending suction arm with:
      high and low volume suction tubings
      chair control buttons in the suction arm
      Forest 3 in 1 syringe
  • - F1 Wet line with bowl valve to prevent suction through the bowl or F1 Dry line Cattani to connect to dry suction motor inc water air separator and central suction valve
  • - Floor installation box with pneumatic disc foot control for the unit
  • - Polaris LED operating light
  • - F1 Classic chair with single joystick control
  • - Classic headrest
  • For 2016 the following items are included in the standard UK specification
      Service door to cuspidor
      Porcelain cuspidor bowl
      Rotation of the chair by 180 degrees
      New Durr style filter arrangement to replace the F1 grey filter

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